Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week in Review - 7/30

Most of the week was kind of ho-hum. I had a little trouble recovering from BlogFest. I was so tired all week. It was a week that normally order Bountiful Baskets to pick up Saturday morning, but the thought of waking up at 5 AM was just too much for me, so I skipped it this week. It felt so good to sleep in until 8AM yesterday.

I'm feeling a bit more refreshed after sleeping in yesterday and kinda taking it easy. Plus the weekend ended pretty great with a Saturday evening hike and a super fun Sunday morning.

Week in Review 7/30

But first...


M - Arm Workout with Karena & Bobby + Sandy Sweat + Side Plank Hip Dips (Day 13 of #ClarindaTurns40)
T - 2.3 mile run + 2 sets of 15 reps Daily Moves (see below) + Bridge Fly (Day 14 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Braced Squat, Single Leg Deadlift Pickups, Step Up + Back Lunge, Mini Squat Booty Kickbacks, Side Plank Leg Lifts
W - Sunshine Sculpt + 3 sets of 15 reps Daily Moves (see below) + V-Sit Crunches (Day 15 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Single Arm Clean, Hee Haw + Rock the Boat, Box Pushup + Kickback, Box Tummy Toner + Kickback
Th - 5k run + Sumo Squats (Day 16 of #ClarindaTurns40)
F - REST + Single Leg Deadlifts (Day 17 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Sa - InstaLIVE yoga workout with Katrina + Burpees (Day 18 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Su - 3.5 mile run + Yoga at the M Resort + Curtsy Lunges (Day 19 of #ClarindaTurns40)

Highlights of the Week:

A book and a pedicure
Monday night I finally started reading a book. It's one of the bonus activities for my birthday challenge, and, for me, probably the most challenging one! I need to carve out more time to read, if I'm going to finish in the next 12 days.

Reading: Tina & The Blue Bear

Running & Fig Toast
I enjoyed a couple fun runs this week. Tuesday was a pretty dreary morning, but at least the temps were a bit cooler. Thursday was surprisingly a sub-10 pace run, which always makes me happy. This morning's run was fabulous going out, but the headwind coming back sucked the life out of me.

Dreary skies over the Stratosphere | Las Vegas, NV
Tuesday's Run
All smiles after a sub-10 pace run
Thursday's Run
Tortoise & the Hare at the M Resort | Las Vegas, NV
Sunday's Run

I followed Thursday's run with some delicious fig & peanut butter toast.

Fig & Peanut Butter Toast - perfect for post-run

Birthday Challenge
I'm having so much fun with my challenge! There have been a couple days when I nearly missed doing the exercise, but so far I haven't missed a single day! There are just 12 more days (including today, which I've already finished), but feel free to jump in and celebrate with me any time!

I've been posting the exercises each day on Instagram and Twitter, or you can download the calendar here.

I meant to post a preview of Days 11-20, but here it is day 18 and I'm just getting the video uploaded. Here's the Part 2 review video instead.

Saturday evening hike
It's the end of the month, and we still had to get in a new hike! We wanted to take it easy, so we went to Exploration Peak Park. The hike up to the peak is only about 1/2 mile, so it sounded perfect! Here's a little video of our hike.

Tone It Up Vegas Meetup
I was nervous about attending this meetup. I'm not always so good in groups, but it started with yoga, so I decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I went! I'd met a few girls back in April at a meetup that was a boot camp style workout, but it was difficult to really get to know any of the girls (other than the one I was partnered with). Today's meetup was yoga at the M Resort, but most of us hung out at the resort's pool afterwards. It was a ton of fun to chitchat with so many amazing women! And total icing to get "recognized."

Tone It Up Vegas at the M Resort | Las Vegas, NV

Tone It Up Vegas at the M Resort | Las Vegas, NV

We even FaceTimed with Kat herself!

Tone It Up Vegas at the M Resort | Las Vegas, NV

The whole morning was so much fun! Well, except that I forgot to reapply sunscreen to my face and it's a little red now.

How was your week?
Do you get anxious about group meetups when you don't know a lot of people?
Are you a reader?

I'm linking up today with guest host Deborah as well Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Have fantastic week, everyone!

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  1. Sleeping in can feel so good sometimes!

    It looks like you had a busy week full of great workouts!

  2. I love to read,but most days the only reading I get done is reading blogs. The blogs are great, but I really need to make time to read other stuff....

    1. Exactly! Reading blogs and keeping up with social media is so time consuming!!

  3. Sounds like such a super fun weekend! Which was kind of what I was envisioning for us yesterday but so didn't get. :(

    Life has been a little frustrating lately, but really, all small stuff.

    I'm so impressed that you run all summer in Vegas! Outside! And that hike actually looks pretty amazing.

    1. Thanks, Judy! I'm a heat-loving runner. :) Sorry to hear that life has been frustrating lately. Hopefully, it gets better soon.

  4. How fun does that TIU meetup look! I think everyone probable gets a wee bit nervous meeting people in groups like that glad you had a great time! 12 more days to big birthday, huh? You're really blowing this one out! :)

  5. I do love to read. I'm a little behind my schedule from the past couple years, but there are two books I want to read that are being released tomorrow. Maybe those will help me catch up.

    1. I'm so impressed with people who make the time to read. I read all the time as a child.

  6. Great week of workouts! I always get anxious going to meet up with a group when I don't know many of the people.

    Your peanut butter and fig toast looks amazing! I will have to try that :)

    1. Thanks, Sara! Definitely try the fig toast, if you can find fresh figs. :)

  7. Great job! And I love your birthday challenge, what a great idea! The TIU meetup looks fun...I definitely get nervous about groups like that when I don't know anyone, but it's a good way to get out of your comfort zone!

    1. Thanks, Janelle! Still a couple days left of my challenge, if you want to join me for a bonus activity or two. :)

  8. I also get anxious when meeting people I don't know. Also, I am an introvert so I don't like large crowds. I don't mind meeting people but prefer to do so in smaller crowds.

    I love to read too! Right now I want to finish reading all of John Grisham's books.

    1. Yes, I'm exactly the same way! A group of 5-6 is much more manageable for me.

  9. Your TIU meetup looks like so much fun, glad you got to meet some great new people.

  10. Total anxiety about group anything! But it is great you are putting yourself out there making new connections :)
    I love the music in your hike video. I am enjoying the challenge, I have made myself very sore but I like trying new things! I have not managed every day, I have skipped a day or tow and then combined what I missed but I have done them all.

    1. You have been amazing during my challenge. I'm so glad you're doing it with me. :)