Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week in Review - 8/06

This past week started out very stressful with some plumbing issues in our apartment. Sparing you the real gory details, because of where our apartment is situated in the building, if other apartments get clogged, it causes back-ups and issues in ours. This isn't the first time it's happened. But, it was the worst time it happened. It was bad enough that we secured a hotel room for the night.

If we hadn't been dealing with a lot of issues in our complex this year, it wouldn't have been so stressful. But, it was kind of a last straw type of deal. The stress came because we were fed up and we really wanted rashly break our lease, find a new apartment ASAP, and move this weekend. It wouldn't have been ideal with family coming in soon, but I was just so tired of dealing with all the shit (pun intended). So, we kinda made it a bigger deal than we probably should have. Ultimately, we calmed each other down and decided against such a rash move.

Despite all that, it was still a decent week! I had to skip a few workouts, but there were definitely some highlights, so be sure you read on to find out what they are. :)

Week in Review 7/30


Monday Filmed final 9 days of my birthday challenge to create GIFs throughout the week
Tone It Up Fitness Test
Starfish Crunches (Day 20 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Tuesday Forced REST DAY due to having to deal with plumbing issues in our apartment
Wednesday Cross Body Hammer Curls (Day 21 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Curl to Press (Day 22 of #ClarindaTurns40)
20 Sun Salutations
Thursday 4.1 mile run
Standing Side Crunches (Day 23 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Friday Totally Toned video
Side Lunges (Day 24 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Saturday Tone & Sculpt booty workout
20 Sun Salutations
Squat Jacks (Day 25 of #ClarindaTurns40)
Sunday 7.19 mile run
Mountain Climbers (Day 26 of #ClarindaTurns40)

Highlights of the Week:

Filmed the Final Exercises of my Birthday Challenge
Before the shit hit the fan Monday night, I filmed the remaining exercises of #ClarindaTurns40 before work. Thank goodness! Enjoy the video of Days 21-30.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 as well.

My new Garmin arrived
You can read more about that in yesterday's Ultimate Coffee Date, but let's just say that so far I LOVE IT!

New Running Toy - Garmin Forerunner630

40 Sun Salutations
Bonus activity #5 was to do 40 sun salutations. I broke them up into 20 on Wed and another 20 on Saturday. Boy oh boy did my hammies protest on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! I have a hard time keeping count, so I did this video 4 times. :)

I did them correctly, I promise, but here's a fun little video from doing the ones on Saturday.

5 Favorite Races
I read through some old race recaps to write Friday's post on favorite races. It was so hard to choose! I had to narrow it down to half marathons. Otherwise, I never would have been able to only choose 5. LOL.

Ran a Route in the shape of 40
Bonus activity #6 was to run, walk, or bike a route in the shape of 40. I think I did  pretty good job. :)

Running route in the shape of 40 for my 40th birthday day

It's finally my actual birthday week coming up. My family is coming into town, and there will be a helicopter ride, a pool day, some hiking, and I'm sure other shenanigans as well. I'm beyond excited about it! If you're not already following me on Instagram or Twitter, now's the week to do so because there will be a lot of fun happening. :)

How was your week?
Have you ever planned a route to write something?

I'm linking up today with guest host Heather as well Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Have fantastic week, everyone!

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  1. I have not planned a route to look like a photo but how fun is that?! Sorry about all of your plumbing problems that cannot be fun at all

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the plumbing issue :( To be honest, they leasing company shouldn't charge you extra money to break your lease. Plumbing issues are serious business!

    Congrats on another great week of workouts. I love that you ran a route to show make the number 40, so creative!

    1. Well, our leasing company is pretty bad, so we don't hold much hope for them being exactly fair. Unfortunately.

      The 40 route was fun! Even if it wasn't in a very scenic part of town. ;-)

  3. Oh no about the apartment issues. Hopefully things go smooth for the duration of your lease and then you can start shopping for a new place.

    I love the little dog that comes to visit during your first video! I hope you have a great birthday week. Sounds like you have a lot of fun planned! -M

  4. Sorry to hear about your plumbing issues...that is such a nuisance. Hopefully everything got sorted out.

    Great job on your workouts! I've never spelled out anything on a run, the 40 looks great! We have had some runners do a route the shape of the Liberty Bell, but I've never tried it, lol.

    Your birthday sounds like it'll be a blast! I can't believe mine is next week!

    1. Maybe you should try spelling something for your birthday next week. :) Either way, I hope you have something fun planned.

  5. I love the challenge of spelling out something - I've seen it done before but I hadn't thought of planning out my route to do it myself! I empathize on the pluming issues - I've lived in my fair share of crummy apartments (and I totally get the rash "must get out of the lease" immediately type feeling!). Thanks for linking up and happy birthday week!

    1. Thanks, Heather! We've stayed in our apartment way too long. LOL.

  6. Have a great birthday week! It all sounds super exciting. Mine tend to be very boring; I'm kind of envious . . .

    Sorry about the mess. That's stress you didn't need for sure.

    I have enough trouble trying to remember a route, I'd probably be totally lost if I tried to write something with it. Impressive!

    1. LOL. I definitely had to consult my map a couple times during the run. :)

  7. I love all the creativity surrounding your 40th birthday! My husband sent me to NYC for mine. I created absolutely nothing. The route that writes the number is fantastic. You nailed that! Happy Birthday this week. And, I hope you have your shit together now (LOL!!!).

    1. LOL. It's mostly together now. :) They'll be replacing carpet but we have to wait until after the birthday shenanigans. A trip to NYC sounds like a fun way to celebrate any birthday.

  8. Happy belated birthday. I love the write your age activity.
    I'm going to watch your videos now. I have a YouTube channel too but mine is mainly bookish content.

    1. Thanks! I've been celebrating my birthday since July 12th, but the big day isn't until Thu, Aug 10th. Thanks for stopping and for checking out my videos. :) I don't really do much with YouTube but will occasionally pop up a video.

  9. Yay! for the birthday week! I hope everything is working better now - such crap timing when you have company coming.
    A helicopter ride sounds awesome! We did one over the grand canyon and it was super cool. I hope you enjoy all your birthday celebrations. Thanks for the fun challenge! I feel like I will be sore forever.
    Kudos for your number planning run lol loved it!
    Have a great B-day! xo

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! I did have a fabulous birthday. I hope you had a nice one, too. :)