Sunday, August 20, 2017

Week in Review - 8/20

After last week's post, this one is gonna seem pretty tame. It took me most of the week to fully recover from all the birthday fun. I was pretty tired all week, so my workouts were, let's just say, lackluster. 😊

Week in Review 8/20


Monday - REST
Tuesday - 3.1 mile run
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - REST
Friday - 3.45 mile run
Saturday - Yoga for Psoas
Sunday - Moving everything from the front of the apartment to the back to prep from new carpet being installed in a couple days.

Highlights of the Week:

Windy, windy run
I tried to get back to a normal routine Tuesday morning with a run before work. It. Was. Windy! So much, in fact, that my visor blew right off my head!

Very windy run

Grimaldi's Birthday Pizza
Finally had a chance to redeem my free birthday pizza. It's been a birthday tradition since moving to Las Vegas in 2012. It's always a fun time. I love their pizza! I also had a delicious summer sangria, bruschetta to start and a cheesecake sampler to finish. Don't worry. I shared it all with Jeff. Well, except the sangria. That as all mine. 😉

Grimaldi's Pizza and Summer Sangria

New Friday Shirt
Sometimes it's just the littlest things! I found a super cute shirt at Walmart and waited all week to wear it on Friday. Isn't it fun?!

Friday is Here t-shirt

Impossible Burger
I had the opportunity to try out the Impossible Burger! It's a plant-based burger that boasts to cook, look, and taste like the real thing. The idea of a plant-based burger is very intriguing to me for environmental reasons. It takes a lot of land and resources to raise cattle, and I'm not always sure that's the best use of those resources. Finding ways to reduce our reliance on cattle sounds good to me!

Impossible Burger sliders at Andrea's

Did it live up to the hype? Yeah, I think so! We ordered Impossible Burger sliders along with Wagyu Beef sliders. Comparing the look and feel of the two burgers, you really couldn't tell the difference. They didn't taste the same, but that's more because they were prepared and seasoned quite differently.

We went to Andrea's at the Encore. It's a very nice restaurant. The decor, service, food, and drinks were all spectacular!

How was your week?
What's a little thing that really meant a lot to you this past week?

I'm linking up today with guest host Madhuri as well Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Have fantastic week, everyone!

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  1. Very cute shirt :) Snoopy always makes me smile.
    I could use some pizza and sangria right about now LOL
    New carpet is a lot of work, but nice.

    1. It was 7AM when you sent this comment. Isn't that a little early for sangria and pizza? :-D

      New carpet will be nice, but I just wish it would be magically done without us having to move furniture here, there, and everywhere.

  2. You may have given me an idea for pre-race dinner in November. That pizza picture looks amazing, and I like Sangria too :)

    1. Grimaldi's is always a good choice for pizza. :) And there are 2 locations on the Strip.

  3. I've been staying away from beef for a while, but especially since I was diagnosed with RA last year. I have tried some veggie burgers--but I'd prefer turkey or chicken over that. What can I say?

    1. Nothing wrong with that. I like to try new things, and these plant-based burgers were really yummy!

  4. I think you deserved a week of recovery! That's a cute Friday shirt. My sister and I were very much into the Peanuts Gang when we were kids. LOL. Yay for new carpet!