Friday, September 29, 2017

7 Easy Ways to Get More Steps

Do you have a daily step goal? Is it a struggle to get all your steps in? I have no problems on my run days, but those non-run days? Yeah, they can be problematic.

So, I thought I'd share 7 easy ways to increase your steps each day without adding in extra workouts. Achieving your step goal will get easier by making these simple changes to your daily life. No additional trips to the gym necessary.

1. Brush your teeth

Walk in place while brushing your teeth. If you brush the recommended 2 minute minimum, you can get in quite a few steps every time you brush. This is easier to do with an electric tooth brush, but can probably be done with any kind.

2. Park farther away

Whether going to work, the store, or Starbucks, park as far from the entrance as possible. If you're stopping at more than one shop, park centrally and walk between each instead of driving from one to another.

3. In front of the TV

I enjoy watching TV after a long day at work, but it doesn't have to be completely lazy. Take mini walk breaks while enjoying your favorite shows. You could walk in place or pace back and forth. If you have commercial breaks, take advantage of them by walking a lap throughout your entire home.

Setting a step goal is a great way to stay active all day. These tips from @Enjoythecourse can help you step more.

4. Loosely hold cart and stand up straight while shopping 

Until I started tracking my steps, I had no idea I was shopping all wrong. My Garmin didn't even track my steps as I slumped over the cart and shuffled along while shopping. Since then, I've learned to stand up straight and maintain a very loose grip while pushing the cart. Or push with just one hand.

5. Read labels at the store

Do you compare products on the shelf or read food labels? Take advantage of those times by stepping in place. Beware that you might get some strange looks, and some might think you are doing a pee-pee dance, but hold strong and get those steps in. :-D

6. Get up once an hour for a short 2-3 min walk

If your activity tracker doesn't alert you to MOVE after sitting too long, try setting an alarm for an hour after each time you sit down. When it goes off, get up and walk around for 2-3 minutes. This not only increases your steps, but it also helps keep you loose.

7. Take the Stairs instead of the elevator.

I live and work on the ground floor, so this one doesn't help me too much right now. There is a rumor that our office will be moving to the 3rd floor, though. I'll definitely be taking the stairs daily if that happens.

Doing these things might not be enough to get you to your goal, but they will definitely help you get closer. I tend to also include a couple 15 minute walks throughout the day, or a longer 30+ min walk in the evening with my dog and husband.

Achieving a step goal doesn't have to be hard or intimidating!

What are your favorite ways to get in extra steps?

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  1. Stairs always :)
    and i do the park far away thing too!! Good tips.

  2. I definitely park farther away as well (and walk to/from work)! :]

  3. I always park farther away.
    But the biggest trick, teach elementary school. I swear you'll hit 10,000 steps every day before you even get home from work.