Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week in Review - 9/24

This week was even more stressful/hectic than the week before! Next week will hopefully be better with my co-worker's return on Monday. I'm her backup, so it's been double duty for me while she's been out. I'll definitely be glad to see her tomorrow. :)

I took it pretty easy this weekend. Rest day yesterday. Light yoga today. I just needed to recharge before beginning half marathon training tomorrow. Yep, that's right. I've decided to actually train for my Run Laughlin half marathon in Dec. It's 10 weeks away, so a pretty doable training cycle. If you're looking to add a fall race (Dec 2nd is technically still fall and will still feel like fall in southern Nevada), you can save 15% off registration using code VegasCD.

Week in Review 9/24

Week in Review 9/18 - 9/24

Monday, 9/18
I really love starting the week with yoga! And nothing beats yoga the day after a half marathon! (READ: Sea to Shining Sea virtual race recap) This Deep Stretch Yoga was 35 intense minutes and felt so good!

Tuesday, 9/19
I wanted to finish my race recap, so I moved my 5k run to after work. I took it slow and easy, but was treated with some gorgeous flowers that I swear weren't in bloom the previous week!

Gorgeous Purple Flowers in Las Vegas, NV
They smelled so good, too!

And an amazing sunset, too! The slower pace doesn't feel so bad when you take in the beauty around you.

Fall sunset in Las Vegas

Wednesday, 9/20
I wanted to get in some strength training, so Wednesday morning I did the Tone It Up Daily Workout. Totally Toned Workout + 5 DMs (3 sets of 15 reps)
Back Lunge + Curl, Single Leg Deadlift, Triceps Pushup + Booty Kickback, Booty Band Leg Abduction + Crunch, Single Leg Bridge Opener (minus the bridge)

Pretty low-key week for @EnjoytheCourse - couple small runs, couple gorgeous sunsets. Now if work could just calm down.

Thursday, 9/21
I fought with my computer trying to write a blog post before work. It was moving so slowly! Ugh. I managed to finish the post after work, though. Check out my Fall Bucket List. What are you up to this fall?


Friday, 9/22
I really wanted to do a stairs workout this week! Running to the Strip (my usual stairs workout) seemed so far away, though. It's only about a mile, but just wasn't feeling it. Plus, I was running short on time. Instead, I decided to run the stairs in all the different courtyards in my apartment complex.  I did one loop and decided to go for a 2nd loop. There were a lot of stairs, but there were decent stretches between. I think I'll modify it a bit next time, though.

Post-run stretch: Pigeon pose
A little post-run pigeon attempt. My hips are so tight!

I was so completely wiped out after work that I vegged and watched Younger all night long. I'm talking until after 1AM. It was insane. It was also the first time that I missed my step goal since setting a 30-day goal for myself. BY 74 STEPS!! I was going to finish those steps before going to bed, but since that didn't happen until after midnight, I had lost track of time in getting them in. I was CRUSHED! I had been working so hard to get to 100% of my goal for 30 days. This would have been day 25.

After sleeping on it, even though my Garmin won't agree, I'm still going to count this as a goal completed. I have my Garmin set to the variable step goal, so it changes from day-to-day. When I started my 30-day goal, it was to get me back up to 10k/day. I was going to then set it to be a static 10k/day goal, but decided to keep it variable for the 30 days - just to see how high it would get. My step goal was 10,604 on Friday, so my 10,530 is still well over 10k. Thinking of it this way, I'm not beating myself up as much for only getting 99%.

Saturday, 9/23
After such a late night, I slept in until after 9AM Saturday morning. I didn't feel like doing anything other than clean up my Inbox. It had gotten out of control! That consumed most of my day. Well, and laundry. We did make it out for an evening walk, though, so I'm happy about that.

Sunset in Vegas

Sunday, 9/17
Saturday was another very late night. We finished Season 3 of Younger, which is all that's available on Hulu. :-( Hope they pick up Season 4 soon! I didn't get to bed until 2AM, though. Ugh! I'm feeling a bit sluggish today with lots to do - grocery shop, meal prep, laundry, blogging, etc.

I did force myself to slow down and take time for some Gentle Yoga before diving completely into my To Do list for the day.

Runs: 2 runs | 4.35 total miles
Strength: 1 days
Yoga: 2 sessions
Step Goal: All 7 days (see above)! Current streak - 26 days

How was your week?

Next week's meals:
There were quite a few recipes I didn't get to last week, so they have moved to this week. Guess it makes planning a bit easier for this week! Now, to get more prepped today, so I don't skip them this week, too. ;-)

Applesauce overnight oats (already prepped and in the fridge)

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches (I'll likely do my own variation)
Cottage cheese avocado salad

Tuna Cakes
Cheeseburger Meatballs
Slow Cooker Black Bean Chicken

I'm linking up today with Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Have a fantastic week, everyone!

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  1. Oh, I might try that yoga program tomorrow! And I was just asking my daughter for her favorite chickpea salad recipe! I can't stay up late watching tv - I fall asleep!

    1. It was my first time trying a chickpea salad sandwich. It was delicious! :)

  2. Yoga after a long run or race is the best. I am about to go get myself into the pigeon position in a few. Have a great week

    1. Haha! Thanks, Deborah. Hope you enjoyed your pigeon pose. :) Have a great week as well.

  3. Hey! Another stair-climber!! Either I missed that detail from earlier posts, or I simply forgot LOL

    1. Nothing compared to you! :-) Stairs kill me, so I try to force myself to do them every now and again.

  4. I haven't found any shows to bing lately. I tried watching Big Little Lies but gave up halfway through the 4th episode. There are scenarios that are hard to watch, but I also want to slap silly a lot of the characters.

    1. The only TV my husband likes to watch is something we can binge. LOL.

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous! I'm trying to work on my inbox at the moment, but deleting messages is so darn slow. :(

    I took my "race" (which I didn't race) nice & easy yesterday -- and yes, sometimes that can be a whole lot more fun!

    1. Sometimes it's so hard to keep up with my Inbox! :( Congrats on your non-race race! LOL

  6. Your sunset is amazing! What a perfect reward for your run. My laptop is soooo slow and old (like me--LOL). It's a chore sometimes to publish a blog post. I'm going to have to give in a get a new one soon. I hope work gets better for you! Thanks for linking.

    1. We've had some great sunsets recently. <3 I hope work improves soon, too. ;-)

  7. The thing about the inbox is it fills up way too fast LOL I try to clean it but it can be out of control in a few days.
    I DVR and watch after work lol I try to get to bed early because I am old ;)
    Did you darken your hair? Looks very pretty!
    Great job on all those steps!

    1. I know! My Inbox gets out of control so quickly!! I darkened my hair at the beginning of Sept. It's already starting to fade. :(

  8. I LOVE chickpeas and am looking for ideas/recipes to incorporate them to my daily foods. Pigeon pose and downward dog are my favorite yoga poses to do. I don't do them as much as I would like to but love how I feel when I get them done.

  9. So sorry you missed your goal by 74 steps that stinks.
    I keep hearing things about Younger.
    I may need to check it out.

    1. It was way more devastating to me than it probably should have been. LOL You should definitely check out Younger. It's really good. :)

  10. If I could ever get back into yoga I know it would help so much but it's just taking that first step! What a beautiful sunset!

  11. I hope things start to slow down now that your coworker has returned! You still put in a great week of effort - LOVE that you include your meal plan in your posts! I'm always looking for meal inspiration :)

    1. Thanks, Amy! I hope my meal plans ideas will give you some inspiration. :)