Sunday, October 22, 2017

Run Laughlin Half Marathon Training Week 4

Week 4 was pretty much a success! I got all my runs in plus a couple yoga sessions. I need to get back in the habit of early to bed, early to rise, though. The mornings were tough this week. :-(

Run Laughlin Half Marathon Training Recap

Training Recap Week 4: 10/16 - 10/22

Monday, 10/16
Plan - Recovery Run | 5.50 miles | Easy pace
Actual - REST

Tuesday, 10/17
Plan - REST
Actual - Lululemon Ghost Race | 4.96 miles | 10'26" pace
I bucked it up and joined a group for this virtual race. You could do it by yourself or during one of the organized runs. I was pretty nervous, but there ended up being two girls at the race that I'd met previously. They mostly stick to trails, but they stuck with me during this race. It was challenging because it was already dark by the start and my headlight didn't make it more than a couple miles. The trail wasn't well lit at all, but we made it! And had a blast doing so.

Wednesday, 10/18
Plan - Benchmark Run
Actual - 1.30 miles | 15:02 | 11'34" pace + Essential Restorative Yoga (19 min)
My toe didn't like this run at all. The 7 easy minutes were hard, but the 3 min hard as possible was just painful. This was much slower than my last benchmark run on 9/27, which was a 10'26" average pace. At least I was greeted with this sunrise when I finished.

Week 4 of #RunLaughlin training is in the books! @EnjoytheCourse managed all her runs + some yoga.

Thursday, 10/19
Plan - REST
Actual - Energy Flow Yoga (38 min)
I'm not quite sold on the yoga workouts in the Nike+ app. They are a little choppier than a YouTube video, but I still did like how this one felt. Transitioning to down dog was a little tough on my toe, so I had to do a little minor modifying.

Friday, 10/20
Plan - Recovery Run | 4.00 miles | Easy pace
Actual - REST
I was so tired all day! We were going to try to go to the LV Balloon Festival after work, but I was barely made it through the work day. LOL

Saturday, 10/21
Plan - REST
Actual - Lululemon Ghost Race Round 2 | 5.00 miles | 9:40" pace
When I posted on IG that I did the Ghost Race Tuesday evening, a friend commented that she was going to be doing the Saturday morning run. I rearranged some things, so I could go Saturday morning. I met up with Kimiko and we ran together for about 3/4 of the race. She's much speedier than I usually am, but we chatted the entire way out. Thank goodness it was downhill! I was definitely running out of steam on the way back. Still I shaved quite a bit off my time from Tues night - thanks to Kimiko and daylight! We were treated at the end with a donut wall.

We made it out to the Glow Show at the LV Balloon Festival in the evening as well. It was really cool to see the balloons lit up at night.

Sunday, 10/22
Plan - Long Run | 8.25 mile | Comfortable pace
Actual - 8.25 miles | 1:30:21 | 10'57" pace
I was supposed to take this run nice and easy. And, I did - for the most part. I really wanted to stay under an 11:00 min mile, though. I kind of had to work hard for that pace. Not too hard, but maybe a little harder than I should have.

Runs: 4 runs | 19.50 total miles
Strength: 0 days
Yoga: 2 sessions

I got in all of my runs this week! Whoo hoo. Just not on the prescribed days, but that's OK. My toe is feeling better - except during speed work - so I'm hopeful that I'll be all better soon{ish}.

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Next week's meals:
Meal planning was actually accomplished yesterday! Now, fingers crossed I can do a lot of the prep still this afternoon/evening.

Cinnamon-Medjool Date Oatmeal
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Cabbage Salad with Dijon-Lime Dressing

Hamburger Soup
Loaded Mac & Cheese
Cheesy Skillet Pasta
Baked Chicken Chimichangas

I'm linking up today with Tricia & Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Have a fantastic week, everyone!

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  1. I'm glad to hear your toe is feeling a bit better! Whew! That's got to be a relief!

    1. Such a relief! It's not 100% yet but it's definitely getting there. :-)

  2. Sounds like an awesome week of workouts. So cool that you got to take part in the Ghost race!

  3. That donut wall looks delish. Great job on doing the Ghost race twice, and bettering your time!

  4. I haven't heard about these Ghost Runs. Unlike a virtual run where you do your own route, there are routes laid out for you I assume. It sounds like a fun way to meet new people. And how can you go wrong with a wall of donuts? Thanks for linking.

    1. The ghost runs were super fun! There was a designated route and you could run it solo with during a group runs. It was always the same route, which was actually kind of fun. There were some who did it lots more than I did. Those donuts smelled so good! I only had one protein donut afterwards.

  5. I'm like you I could revamp my sleep schedule. I get in bed too late and therefore sleep later than I should.
    Holy donut hole! That wall looks so tasty, how many did you have? I think I could have downed about 3, after that run lol.

    1. I only ate one donut. I pushed myself really hard on that run and wasn't feeling much up to eating when I finished. Boooo. :-(

  6. Getting it all done is what matters! You had a very strong week :)
    I am dying over the donut wall, such a creative idea. Although, after I run my will power would be very weak LOL

    1. LOL When I run really hard, food is the last thing I want, so I only ate one donut at the end. The smelled so good, though!