Tuesday, November 7, 2017

October Report Card

If you stopped by on Saturday for the Ultimate Coffee Date, you already know that October was a busy month for me. We managed to cram a whole lot of fun into the month. I also managed to stay pretty on-track with my goals.

October Report Card

General Running/Training (25%): B+

October got off to a pretty rocky start when I fell on the 1st. I was limping for at least a week or so, which meant no running and little working out. I also took a road trip which made working out difficult as well. Once I was back to running/working out, I did pretty well and I'd say I finished the month pretty strong, but it hurt being out of commission for 12 days.

Run at least 600 Miles (25%): A-

I've still got 2 months to get to 600 miles, and I'm still confident I'll meet my goal. With my fall and being unable to run for 12 days, I still managed to squeak out 60+ miles. Imagine my mileage if I hadn't missed nearly two weeks! Now, I need to get 67 miles each month, and with half marathon training still underway, I think it will be totally doable.

Be More Active in the Local Running Community (25%): A

I actually made it out to two group runs. Yes, TWO! Thank you Lululemon for hosting the Ghost Race virtual series in Summerlin. It was just the motivation I needed to meet up with a group. There was an option to run the virtual race on your own, but I actually chose to meet up with the group twice.
5 of 8 group runs completed
1 of 3 times volunteering at a local race

12 Trails of 2017 (20%): A

Twelve Trails of 2017 - October

We got our hike done early in the month. Yay! The last stop of our road trip was Cathedral Gorge. I've been wanting to go for a few years now, and I'm so glad we finally made it happen! We arrived super tired and not very excited to go hiking. Google Maps took us to a viewpoint instead of the actual park entrance. I was bummed at first, but then we saw the stairs going down into the canyon. After walking around a bit, we found ourselves exploring deep inside the gorge. I definitely would have gotten lost in the labyrinth without Jeff. It's about 3 hours from Vegas, but we definitely want to go back!

Current Events Night (5%): B

I have a bunch of Last Week Tonight videos in my YouTube watch later list, but didn't take much time to watch them in Oct. We watched a couple after I got home from work on 10/31, so at least we got in a few. Also, we spent a lot of time on our road trip talking about current issues. We can solve all the world's problem on a long road trip. :-)

Final Grade for October: A-

Despite the rocky start to the month, I was able to finish it out pretty strong! Looking forward to crushing these goals the next two months to finish out the year nice and strong!

How was your October?

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  1. A very solid month. Your hiking locales look awesome.

    Looking forward to our coffee date on Sun.

    1. Thanks, Darlene! We've had a great time exploring some local trails this year. :)

  2. I am so glad that you found some group runs to enjoy. Looks like you are on track to hit your mileage goals this year-nice!

    1. Sometimes it's hard to get out of my own head when it comes to group runs, but I'm often so happy when I do. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the mileage goal.