Friday, December 1, 2017

November Report Card

Wow! November was such a great month!! I'm totally on track for my 2017 goals. I had some great running with half marathon training. I started the RW Run Streak. One more month of 2017, which seems kind of crazy.

November Report Card

General Running/Training (25%): A

November was a great month for running and training. I had quite a few runs that felt pretty effortless. Whoo hoo! I also got in a few sessions of either strength training or yoga every week. Some weeks a few sessions of both.

Run at least 600 Miles (25%): A

Half marathon training helped me A LOT with this year's mileage goal. It was my highest mileage month by more than 20 miles!! I still have just over 51 miles to go, and I think that's very doable. My half marathon is tomorrow, so training is over, but I'm still doing the RW Run Streak, which should  help motivate me to keep racking up the miles.

Be More Active in the Local Running Community (25%): A

I convinced Jeff to volunteer with me at a race during November. Bonus that we also used it to mark of November's new trail (see below). He had never been to Valley of Fire, but I had been a couple times a few years ago. It was a lot of fun! I also made it out to TWO groups runs. I joined a group on Thanksgiving for a trail run and just this week, I finally met up with the Tuesday night group at a local running store. Both group runs were loads of fun and I hope I can make it out again soon.
7 of 8 group runs completed
2 of 3 times volunteering at a local race
I'll definitely be crossing off these goals. I've already signed up to volunteer at a race on 12/31 (cutting it close, I know) and I'm confident I'll be able to meet up with the Tuesday night group again in December.

12 Trails of 2017 (20%): A-

Twelve Trails of 2017 - November

As I mentioned, we combined volunteering at a race with finding a new trail. All the trails in the park were new to Jeff since he'd never been there before, but we had to find one that I hadn't done before either. Unfortunately, Jeff didn't sleep well the night before, so our hike was very abbreviated. I'm still counting it, though! But I did knock it down from an A to an A- because a longer hike would have been better.

Current Events Night (5%): B

I spent last night getting caught up on Last Week Tonight. Topics included the Confederacy, Gun Control, and the Trump Presidency. They were really good. I don't think there will be any new episodes for the rest of the year, though, so I'm going to have to come up with something else for December.

Final Grade for November: A

I'm really happy with how well November went. I stuck to my half marathon training plan really well and had some great runs plus threw in a little extra yoga and strength training. We explored a tiny bit in Valley of Fire state park. The month truly flew right by!

How was your November?

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