Sunday, December 31, 2017

Week in Review - 12/31 + December Report Card

Who's ready for 2018?! πŸ™‹I've got big plans for the year, and I can't wait to get started!

But first, let's wrap up 2017 with a quick review of this past week along with December's Report Card and a final check-in with my 2017 goals.

My week wasn't too crazy. Unlike many people, I worked Tue-Fri, so it was a pretty typical week. Except that we moved offices from the 1st to the 3rd floor of the same building. I got to work from home Tue-Wed while we waited for the WiFi to be set up. They'll be doing some remodeling in our new offices over the next few weeks, but the space is definitely bigger than where we were. It should be quite nice when it's all finished. I'm just excited about all the extra steps I'll get in taking the stairs at least twice a day. 🀣

Christmas morning 10k run along the Strip in a Santa hat. I've been doing this the past several years. It's my one Christmas πŸŽ„ tradition. Also, I kept up with the #RWRunStreak with at least 1 mile a day.

Tone It Up
I did TIU workouts on Tue, Wed, & Fri. DOMS were definitely present most of the week.

And now for a look back the final month of 2017 and how I did on all my goals for the year.

December Report Card

General Running/Training (25%): A

I ran an amazing half marathon on the 2nd. I did a week of yoga. I did quite a few days of Tone It Up workouts (which left me SORE)! Throughout it all, I've even kept up with the Runner's World Run Streak.

Run at least 600 Miles (25%): A

I DID IT!! On Christmas Day I breached my 600-mile goal for the year. There were a few months when I kind of doubted myself, but the two RW Run Streaks and fall half marathon training really helped me to kick it out. I'm pretty psyched that I accomplished this goal. πŸƒπŸŽ‰

Be More Active in the Local Running Community (25%): B

December flew by! I really thought I'd have no problem making it out to one more group run, but it just never worked out. I was all set to meet up with the Tues night group the day after Christmas but they skipped that week. 😞 There was a group run yesterday morning, but my warm bed won out. Ugh. I'm still happy with my 7/8. It's way more than in past years, so though I didn't meet my goal, I still broke out of my comfort zone.
7 of 8 group runs completed
3 of 3 times volunteering at a local race πŸŽ‰
I'll be volunteering at my 3rd race of the year this afternoon. Woot woot!

12 Trails of 2017 (20%): B+

Jeff hurt his toe/foot early in the month, so we never ended up going for a hike together. I did do a new trail with Kristy after the half marathon, so I'm going to count it. My goal, my rules, right?!

There's a scenic drive just outside of Laughlin called Christmas Tree Pass. It's a 12-mile gravel road with some gorgeous views. About 2 miles in we pulled off to hike Grapevine Canyon. It's filled with cool petrogylphs. I was pretty tired after my race, so I didn't take too many pics of them, though.

Since I allowed this trail for December, I'm modifying my no-trail in February. The goal was supposed to be a new trail to both me and Jeff that we hiked together. Back in February, we didn't hike a trail together, but I did run some new trails on my own while training for an ultra (that never happened).


Twelve Trails of 2017

Current Events Night (5%): F

I don't know where the month went, but it sure wasn't spent discussing current events. lol

Final Grade for December: B+

December started out really great and then kind of fizzled by the end. Work was a bit crazy with lots of people on vacation (myself included) that it often wiped me out by the end of the days that I worked.

Final Grade for 2017: A

I had a couple rocky months at the beginning of the year, and if you averaged my final grades, it would have been a solid B for the year. I'm bumping it up to a solid A, though. I had a lot of great training throughout the year. I hit 600 miles. I discovered 12 new trails. I turned 40 and had a fabulous birthday - complete with a fitness challenge, a visit from family, and a few other surprises. There was a long road trip in October. Looking back I really had a great year!

Even though I didn't have any blogging goals in 2017, I still thought I'd share my Top 5 posts of the year.

How to: Sun & Moon Salutations → This post is actually from 2013. Wow!
The Why's & How's of Foam Rolling
Celebrate with Me! → An invitation to my 40th birthday fitness challege.
Staying Fit in Sin City
Running Mistakes: Proper Fueling → The importance of food, water, and sleep.

To see my grades from all year:

I'm linking up today with Tricia & Holly for the final Weekly Wrap of 2017. Have a fantastic New Year!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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  1. You sure ended the year on a high note with that amazing half marathon! And congrats on hitting your mileage goal. It's been a lot of fun "getting to know you" and following you this year. Here's to 2018! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much, Wendy! It's been fun getting to know you as well. Thanks for following along. :)

  2. Looks like a pretty great year! Enjoy your NYE and have a happy 2018!

  3. I love that you run down the Las Vegas strip on Christmas! That has to be super fun and I bet you see a lot of things while you're out there, lol!

    Looks like a pretty awesome year for you and the half marathon PR was the cherry on top!

    1. It's pretty fun! Though I think I get more crazy looks than anything. lol

      My PR was a pretty sweet cherry. :)

  4. You turned 40 and had a kick-butt PR race! That is huge :) Seeking out that many new trails is pretty impressive too - what was your longest drive?
    Congrats on great 2017 :) Happy New Year!!

    1. LOL! I worked hard to turn 40. hehehe. Finding new trails was a lot of fun, and we barely made a dent in all the trails around here. We stuck mostly to the Las Vegas valley, so under an hour drive. October's trail is about 3 hours from Vegas, so we worked that one into our road trip. December's trail is was the 2nd farthest away, about 1 1/2 hour drive.

      Happy New Year to you as well!

  5. What a great month and year Clarinda! I love the 12 trails of Christmas, what a neat goal! Happy New Year, hope it's even better than the last!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! I'm hoping for a fantastic 2018. :) The 12 trails were very fun throughout the year.

  6. Congratulations for reaching your running goal of 600 miles! You a great year with a great half marathon too. I love the 12 trails idea. It's an amazing way to enjoy the great outdoors! Happy New Year and thanks for linking!

    1. Thanks, Holly! I loved all our trails and hope to discover more this year (though without a specific goal).

  7. December did go by quickly. You had a pretty good year and hopefully 2018 will be a good year too.

  8. Congratulations on a fantastic year! Your PR was one of my favorite race recaps to read, well done! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much, Janelle! That really means a lot, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed my recap.

  9. Good job and congrats on a great year! Doesn't it feel good to have the RW Streak done? Although the Streak went well for me, the final 10 days were brutally cold. UGH.

    1. Oh so good to be finished with the streak! Like you, it did kind of fly by. Unlike you, our weather was pretty ideal throughout the streak. :)

  10. Sounds like you had a great year! I also did the running streak! I will be looking forward to taking tomorrow off from running.

    1. Thanks! It did feel a little weird not running today, but it was nice not to have to worry about getting in a run.

  11. What a great year, congratulations! Happy New Year!

  12. Love your Christmas Day running tradition and that Christmas Tree Pass trail looks so nice! I love the name too! Happy New Year!

    1. It's a fun running tradition. If you ever find yourself in southern Nevada, I definitely recommend the Christmas Tree Pass - even just for the drive. :)

  13. Hi Clarinda! I'm not sure but maybe this is the first time I'm visiting your blog (I did already follow you on twitter :) ). I'm glad you ultimately had a great year and I look forward to following your adventures in 2018! Maybe I'll make it to Vegas this year for the RnR Races (it's on my list every year, but I just haven't managed it yet!)

    1. Hello, Renee! Thanks for stopping by. :) We'll have to meet up when you finally make it to Vegas. :-D