Sunday, January 21, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Jan 21

Welcome back to another episode of the Weekly Wrap! Linking up with Holly and Wendy. Here's what I've been up to this past week.

Weekly Wrap


Looking back over the week, I'm pretty happy with my workouts. Sure, I could have pushed a little hard some days, but something is better than nothing. And something was accomplished every day. Grateful to be doing the Yoga With Adriene TRUE series. It's definitely been keeping me motivated throughout the week. I also did the Tone It Up daily workout most days.

Weekly Wrap - January 15-21

Some notes...

  • The days with Tone It Up include roughly 15 min of Daily Moves & a Video (see links below). Currently, the Daily Moves are 42 reps. I've been breaking them into 3 sets of 14 to get in all the reps.
  • Day 15 - Believe - was an amazing practice! We worked ourselves into Airplane in the best way.
  • Day 16 - Self Love - was really enjoyable as well. It was a bit longer than most of the other videos in the series but was just what I needed.
  • Monday and Saturday I moved yoga to the evening, right before bed. Luckily, both practices were perfect nighttime sessions.
  • Not noted above are the mini runs I do in my living room. I tried to do at least one each night and several throughout the day on Saturday and today.

Check out @EnjoytheCourse's workout's last week! Something is better than nothing! And something was achieved every day.


Here are the links to the videos I did last week.

TRUE - Day 14 - Listen (26 min)TRUE - Day 15 - Believe (18 min)TRUE - Day 16 - Self Love (41 min)TRUE - Day 17 - Charisma (33 min)TRUE - Day 18 (17 min)TRUE - Day 19 (26 min) | TRUE - Day 20 (25 min)

Tone It Up
Detox Yoga Flow (19 min) | Love Your Total Booty (9 min) | Total Body Tabata (4 min) | Love Your Total Body Toning (11 min) | Flex Friday Workout (17 min)

Other Happenings

Work was a little slow this week, which made it very long. We were all very grateful when Friday rolled around. I have a 3-day week coming up followed by a full week off. Yep, 7 whole work days away from the office. We're going on a road trip to Minnesota for my brother's wedding. I'm excited, but also a little nervous about a winter road trip. Please send storm-free thoughts our way!

In preparation for the wedding, I dyed my hair yesterday. It turned out OK, but I've vowed to never color my hair myself again. I used to pride myself on cutting and coloring my own hair, but the last few times the color just hasn't turned out like I wanted. Plus, it's such a huge hassle and so messy. When/if I decide to color it again, I'm going to have to break down and go to a professional.

I also decided on a wedding outfit. I texted pics to my sister for her approval, but I'll wait to share any pics here until the wedding.

Yesterday, we also bought a new cooler bag and stocked up on snacks for our trip - some healthier than others. 😜

January Goal Check-in

January Goals

Not too much more progress on my goals since last week...
  • Forefoot running - Still no new research. Still haven't analyzed my first video. Still just running briefly in my living room.
  • I think I only did a foot massage once last week. 😞
  • Still going strong with the Yoga with Adriene TRUE 30-day series.
  • Another 3 posts this week. Yay!
  • I actually did revive a post this past week! Yay! 
  • Still no update on PageSpeed or a GA Dashboard.


In case you missed them, here are the posts I shared last week. Click on the image to read the post.

My Why Behind Transitioning to Forefoot Running
Creamy Artichoke Pasta Salad
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How was your week?
Did you have a favorite workout?

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  1. I used to color my own hair, but after a while the gray started to rebel and I was maybe getting 2 weeks out of the box. Now I go to the salon every 4 weeks and I'm more than happy to hand them my money. It's just so much better...

    1. It's just such a headache to color it myself. I'm over it. LOL

  2. I like your hair color! I color my own hair since it is so expensive at the salon. It's been the same color forever...I'm too chicken to make a change. I hope you enjoy your road trip and your sister's wedding. I actually did yoga this week (that's rare for me) but it was at bedtime and I slept very well. Thanks for linking!

    1. Bedtime yoga can be so great! The cost of a the salon has kept me away for years, so we'll see how long I can go without visiting the salon. I may need to embrace the natural (and increasingly grey).

  3. I could never color my own hair. I just do not have the patience for it. But, I really like that hair color you picked! It really makes your eyes pop!!

    I skipped yoga yesterday (lame) and just rested instead. I really need to be better about scheduling my day so I can make sure I do it. I don't know that I could do every day but maybe 2 times a week? It really does make me feel better after running all those miles.

    I think my favorite workout was probably the long run with my new running group! They're so open and welcoming and so fun to run with. :)

    Have a great road trip and best wishes to your brother and his bride!

    1. Aww, thank you! :)

      I'm not really running right now, so I have lots more time for yoga. :D

      So exciting to find a new, fun running group. :)

  4. I've been doing yoga before bed, and it's great! It's like it's prepping me to slow down the mind, and it doesn't take me long to fall asleep.

  5. Love the hair! I have to go to the salon for my hair's just too complicated for me. But I do touch up the roots in between salon visits.

    You've had a great week of workouts ...I keep saying I'm going to do more Yoga. Sigh. But it just never happens.

    Have a great trip!!

    1. That's funny! I've never done just the roots because it always was too intimidating for me. :)

  6. I've been enjoying the Tone It Up workouts lately too! I was kind of disappointed when the tabata video was only 4 minutes, haha. I love your hair color! I used to color my own and then stopped all together. It's too much maintenance -- I'll stick with my natural color.

    1. haha! Me, too. How is 4 min a workout? It was OK though because I was still probably running late for work. lol

      I'm hoping to switch to my natural and just get comfortable with the increasing gray. :)

  7. Have a great (and safe) trip for the wedding. I will keep fingers cross that no storms are in your path!

    1. Thanks so much! The trip out was great, so now our fingers are crossed for the return trip. :)