Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Jan 28

Oh yeah. I know that it's well past my usual Sunday posting for the Weekly Wrap! Road trips and travel, in general, will do that. Linking up with Holly and Wendy. Here's what I've been up to this past week.

Weekly Wrap


A road trip can really mess you up. LOL
Even though I didn't leave until Thursday morning. 😂

Weekly Wrap - January 22-28

@EnjoytheCourse mostly stuck with her yoga this week - even with a 2-day road trip!


Here are the links to the videos I did last week.

TRUE - Day 21 - Finesse (21 min)TRUE - Day 22 - Release (20 min)TRUE - Day 23 - Balance (22 min)TRUE - Day 24 - Be Kind (13 min)TRUE - Day 25 - Be Aware (24 min)TRUE - Day 26 - Be Still (24 min)

Tone It Up
Love Your Total Booty (9 min)

I was so proud of myself for not missing any yoga during my road trip. The one before we left was only 13 minutes, so I squeezed it in before we hit the road Thursday morning. We arrived at my parent's house pretty late Friday night, but I got in Friday's practice before midnight Vegas time. 😄

I did Saturday's practice before meeting my sister and niece for mani-pedis.

Then, I woke up very sick around 3AM Sunday morning. 😷 I can't remember the last time I was so sick.

It kind of ruined my brother's wedding for me. I was so looking forward to it - it was the entire reason for our trip, after all - but ended up feeling nauseated the entire night.

Since I wasn't feeling well, I only took one picture the entire night. And it wasn't even a good one. I did drink a lot of water, which helped a lot. I felt a lot better today but still haven't done any yoga.

I did get to spend a few hours with my baby nephew, Henry today (still, no pictures). He's 11 months and pretty adorable. I also got to spend a little time with my nephew Teddy (also 11 months) Saturday evening. Teddy's papa is the one that got married on Sunday.

Maybe I'll go do some yoga now, so I don't miss two days in a row. 😏


In case you missed it, here is the one post I shared last week. Click on the image to read the post.

14 Drool-Worthy Oatmeal Recipes

How was your week?
Have you ever gotten sick with the worst timing?

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  1. Awww that stinks you got sick for the wedding :(
    That is great you kept your yoga up though!!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I was so looking forward to the wedding for months, so it really sucked that I couldn't enjoy it. I'm happy that I only missed the one day of yoga.

  2. Oh man, sorry you got sick and couldn't enjoy the wedding ...what a bummer! But I am glad you got to at least spend a little time with your nephews :)

    Hope you're a feeling better soon Clarinda!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! It sucked that I was sick for the wedding, but definitely happy to have spent time with my baby nephews. :)

  3. Firstly, well done for doing all that yoga! But so sorry you got sick for your brother's wedding. I know it's never the right time to get sick but what poor timing for you. So sorry about that :-(

    1. Thank you! I was so proud of sticking with the yoga - even on the travel days. Definitely poor timing getting so sick the night before the wedding. I'm still feeling less than 100% but definitely better.

  4. Oh, bummer on being sick! Good for you for doing that yoga. I certainly wouldn't have done it after a long day of traveling -- even though it probably was a good antidote for that.

    1. It actually felt pretty good after sitting in a car for 2 very long days. :)

  5. Sickness has terrible timing doesn't it?? Good job getting your yoga in. Hope you are back to 100%!

  6. So sorry to hear you were sick! I seem to get something every year. I sure hope to stay healthy the next 2 weeks--I've got a race planned out of town!

    1. Hope you stay healthy as well so you can enjoy your out of town race!

  7. I'm sorry you got sick on your trip to the wedding! I'm glad you were able to visit your with little nephews though. I got food poisoning one year while at Disney. That wasn't fun but thankfully it was short lived. Thanks for linking!

    1. I'm not sure what it was, as no one else got sick. I think it was a combination of a bunch of things. :( Hopefully it will go away soon now that I'm back home.