Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Feb 11

Linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to stop by their blogs to see what everyone else was up to last week.

In case you missed my Instagram post yesterday, I took my run outside! My slow transition to forefoot running is coming along. I wanted to run 5 minutes but ended up with 6. Doesn't seem like much, I know, but I could definitely feel it in my feet and legs. I'm excited about this step and hope to continue these short runs throughout the next week.

Here's what else I was up to last week.

Weekly Wrap


I'm pleased with my workouts this past week! 2 yoga workouts. Kept up with the Supermans, Squats, and Twists challenge. 3 days of Tone It Up workouts. A Random Kettlebell HIIT workout. Jeff and I even took Sallie for a 2-mile walk yesterday.

Weekly Wrap - February 4-11

It was great to be back to a normal routine this past week. Work was cah-razy through! It seriously took me until Thursday afternoon to get all caught up from vacation. It doesn't normally take that long, but little things kept coming up that needed addressing before I could get back to catching up. It was rough. Plus the week really seemed to drag. I was grateful for Friday to arrive.

Plus, Friday was National Pizza Day, so we ordered Domino's for dinner.

When you gotta do #squats on #nationalpizzaday

@EnjoytheCourse ran outside yesterday! Plus #yoga, #supermansquattwist and a few #toneitup workouts. What were you up to last week? #weeklywrap

My two yoga sessions were great! If you're looking to do more yoga at home, check out Five Parks Yoga. Erin is amazing and down-to-earth. She walks you through the sessions easily and I feel like she isn't too yogi, if you know what I mean. 😉

I did an hour+ video with her today. It was definitely challenging but the hour moved along quickly and I felt strong and limber by the end. There was some balancing in the middle that was especially tough and I kept falling out of the poses, but it's all about practice and not perfection.

Speaking of yoga, in case you missed the announcement on Instagram, I'm hosting a 7-day yoga challenge with Briana and Sandy starting on Valentine's Day. I hope you'll join us and #shareloveyogastyle.

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Last Week's Videos

Love Your Booty Toning Workout - 9 min - Tone It Up
Love Your Body Cardio Kickboxing - 14 min - Tone It Up
Morning Boost Yoga - 22 min - Five Parks Yoga
Kettlebell HIIT Workout - 25 min - BodyFit by Amy
Twist & Bind Yoga by the Ocean - 1h 10min - Five Parks Yoga

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How was your week? Do you have any Valentine's Day plans for next week? Do you practice yoga at home?

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  1. Love the squats with the pizza pic! It is really hard to change your running form isn't it? I've tried a few times and then kind of revert back to my old ways

    1. It's definitely exercising my patience! :) I'm very hopeful, though. At the very least it's making me take time to actually evaluate my running form.

  2. I was a little off this week and had pizza on Saturday instead. Sounds like you got some good workouts in. I have done those Tone it Up workouts too.

  3. OMG the photo of you doing squats with the pizza is SO funny! I would totally do something like that :)

    Good job on all of your workouts this week!

  4. I had pizza Sunday, and then leftovers on Wednesday. Leftovers are so good.

  5. Nice, yes I did have Pizza on National Pizza day, of course I didn't realize it until I wondered what all the long lines were for LOL
    Good luck with your Yoga challenge!!!

  6. Don't you just love Five Parks Yoga? What a find. I did her deep stretch this morning and I feel so much better! I'm going to try to join you guys for the yoga challenge!

    Have a great week!

  7. I've done a few Five Parks Yoga routines. I really like her. I didn't know Friday was National Pizza Day. Good thing I picked one up on the way home from our favorite Greek restaurant. Thanks for linking!

  8. I have a love hate with kettle bells :)
    Your hair is looking really cute