Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Feb 18

Linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to stop by their blogs to see what everyone else was up to last week.

Last week started out pretty slow. I stayed up a bit too late last Sunday prepping my breakfasts and lunches for the week. My body needed a little rest Monday morning, so I opted to sleep in a bit instead of working out.  Tuesday was also a wash because I wanted to finish Tuesday's post before work, so that took my morning workout time.

If I don't workout before work, I don't generally work out. Plus, this past week I had zero energy in the evenings. Not really sure why.

Weekly Wrap


Despite the slower start to the week, I'm pleased with how my workouts went! I pretty much stayed caught up with the Supermans, Squats, Twists challenge. I missed Tuesday but made it up on Wednesday. I did 3 days of Tone It Up workouts and 2 days of yoga.

Weekly Wrap - February 12-18

My Tone It Up workouts really stayed with me the days following! The kind of DOMS you love - not debilitating, but just enough to make you feel real good about your workout. Tell me you know what I'm talking about!

I woke up this morning with super tight calves. It took me a minute to realize it was probably from the 42 jump squats and 42 jump tucks in yesterday's HIIT workout.

@EnjoytheCourse ran outside yesterday! Plus #yoga, #supermansquattwist and a few #toneitup workouts. What were you up to last week? #weeklywrap

I wanted to do yoga on Friday but nothing in my Watch Later list was grabbing my attention, so I chose a video from my Yoga playlist. I put a YouTube video into my Yoga playlist after I've done it once and feel like it's one I'd want to do again. I wasn't really feeling the one I decided to do, so I was going to remove it from the playlist. And then we got to the tree pose portion. And the video stays in the playlist! We held tree for longer than usual. I could really feel the blood pumping in my standing leg. It was amazing.

I did today's yoga practice outside on my patio. It felt incredible - except when I twisted right into the sun. My eyes! And happy baby was a little awkward. My patio isn't exactly private. I don't think anyone walked by while I was in the pose though. Thank goodness!

I've also been having a lot of fun with the #shareloveyogastyle challenge on Instagram with Briana and Sandy! So far, we've done Easy Pose, Cow Face, Twisted Chair, Tree, and Twisted Crescent. There are two days/poses left in our little challenge. Feel free to join us anytime!

Last Week's Videos

In Sync Practic - 31 min - Yoga with Adriene
Self Love Yoga - 50 min - Yoga with Adriene

Valentine's Day

Some of my coworkers pranked my boss for Valentine's Day. They blew up 600 red and white balloons and put them in his office. It brought kind of a fun, weird vibe for the day.

I couldn't resist doing my Easy Pose for the #shareloveyogachallenge in the mass of balloons.

So many balloons!

Jeff and I don't really do anything to celebrate, but I did stop at Starbucks on the way home. I got Jeff one of their Cherry Mochas. I'm not a huge cherry fan, so got a Raspberry Blonde Mocha for myself.

Overall, it was a pretty fun day!

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How was your week? DOMS - love 'em or hate 'em? Do anything fun for Valentine's Day? What's the best office prank you've seen?

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  1. My calves is where I always feel it too. I have to be really diligent about stretching them too.

  2. That sounds like a fun office prank! How did he like the black cherry mocha? I'm pretty much a purist when it comes to my coffee, although I will have a latte once in a while. I also do my workout before work or not at all. AND, I can't get on my computer until I've done it or I will fritter the time away on Facebook.

    1. It was such a fun office prank! My husband really enjoyed the cherry mocha, but he is far from a coffee purist. The less it tastes like coffee the better for me. LOL I hear you on getting the workout done before getting on the computer. Sometimes I can even get sucked into my phone. :(

  3. I love that "little bit sore" feeling! I had the cherry mocha last week too. I'm not a huge fan of cherry flavor, but the latte was very good It had a dark chocolate taste. You must have a easy going boss. I've never been at an office that did pranks. Thanks for linking!

    1. Yeah, my boss is definitely easy going. One of the bosses in the office said it was good they didn't do it to his office because he would have been pissed! My boss just rolled with it.

  4. I know exactly what you are talking about with the delicious soreness! That tells me I did it just right.

    I do cherry and dark chocolate in a smoothie. Anti-inflammatory and delicious!

    I wanted to join in on your yoga challenge but my plate was so full this week. I'm getting caught up and back on track. Hard to believe a quick weekend out of town could throw me off but yep, it did!

    1. Exactly! Those are the DOMS that really make me smile. Your smoothie is probably better than the Starbucks mocha. :D

  5. Sounds like your boss is a good sport! I just can't seem to get into Yoga. I recently bough Piyo, so hopefully I will like that/

  6. Although I wish I could workout before work, I just never have enough time since I start work so early. The good thing is that I'm done with work at 4 so I normally do my workout right after work and then I'm done right in time for dinner.

    I love that photo of you with all the red and white balloons - so cute!

    1. We all gotta find the time that works best for us! When I get home I like to just veg. lol

  7. I'm kind of the opposite: if I try to workout before work, it doesn't happen. I've tried, and I end up being even more tired at the end of the day.

    1. That's really interesting. I'm usually a bit worn out by the end of the day - whether or not I work out in the morning, so that's why I work out in the morning. :D

  8. I love getting my workouts done in the morning. A little easier now that I'm not working. I like the feeling of being a little sore, but when I can barely move it's no fun!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Just a little lingering burn makes me smile.

  9. You and I are opposites! I STRUGGLE with morning workouts so it has to be in the evening after work! I am a zombie in the morning, LOL. What was your boss's reaction?!

    1. I think I'd be a zombie if I didn't workout in the mornings. :) My boss thought it was funny and worked the entire day with a room full of balloons.