Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Feb 25

Linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to stop by their blogs to see what everyone else was up to last week.

How was your week? Read on to get a glimpse into mine.

Weekly Wrap


I had some great workouts this week! 3 yoga sessions; kept up with the Supermans, Squats, & Twists challenge; finished out the #ShareLoveYogaStyle challenge.

Weekly Wrap - February 19-25

Tuesday's workout kicked my butt! I knew I'd feel it later if I didn't stretch it out, so I had to add in some yoga immediately afterwards.

Wednesday morning it felt like I slept a bit funny. I still did my workout, but when it was still hurting a bit Thursday morning, I knew that a little yoga was in order.

Yesterday's dance cardio was fun but short, so I did it 3x through. 😃

Today's workout included a mile run outside plus more yoga!

Great workouts last week! Read all about @EnjoytheCourse's week. How was your week? #weeklywrap

I finished the #shareloveyogastyle challenge on Instagram with Briana and Sandy! Throughout the challenge we did Easy Pose, Cow Face, Twisted Chair, Tree, Twisted Crescent, Standing Pigeon, and Wild Thing. I had a lot of fun with this challenge!

Last Week's Videos

Cardio Kickboxing with Kristina - 13 min - Tone It Up
HIIT the Floor with Danielle - 6 min - Tone It Up ↠ This was NO JOKE! She mentioned it was an advanced HIIT workout and she wasn't kidding.
Post Workout Recovery Class - 22 min - Five Parks Yoga ↠ This felt amazing after the above HIIT workout.
Booty Barre with Jillian - 9 min - Tone It Up
Yoga for Back Pain - 32 min - YogaTX
Flex Friday Workout - 17 min - Tone It Up ↠ I took this workout up a notch by doing many of the exercises on one foot to work on balance
Detox Total Body Tone - 10 min - Tone It Up
Love Your Body Dance Cardio - 4 min - Tone It Up ↠ This was very short so I did it 3x through! I should do more dance videos. 💃
Feel Good Yoga Flow - 44 min - Leigha Butler ↠ This was a good practice but a bit more advanced than I'm used to with the headstands, side crows, and splits. I had to stay in the prep poses during those sections of the video.

February Posts

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How was your week? How do you adjust your workouts when you sleep funny?

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  1. Awesome job with your workouts this week Clarinda and I have loved following your yoga challenge on IG

  2. It depends on what you mean by "funny." haha. I normally sleep like crap (although last night I slept for 6 (I think) hours straight!!). If I've slept funny and woke up with a weird kink, I try to stretch a lot before a workout. If I can't shake it, I'll adjust and stretch as much as possible. I routinely fight two cats for space so a weird sleeping position is not out of the question for me! haha

    1. LOL! I mostly meant a weird kink. I fight with my little dog over space in the bed, so I totally get what you're saying. :D

  3. Yuu had a busy week! Great job with all of that yoga ((fist bump))

  4. Solid week for you this week! I need to check out some of the yoga workouts you do. I don't always have time to get to class

    1. There are so many great yoga videos on YouTube! Hope you find some for the days you can't get to a class.

  5. Great job in keeping up with the SST challenge. And, I love the fact you did the dance cardio workout three times. That sounds like something I'd do. Thanks for linking!

    1. It was so short! It felt like we were just getting started when it ended. I simply had no choice but to repeat it. LOL

  6. Dance cardio sounds fun! That's a workout I could get into!

    1. I have such a hard time keeping up with a dance type video. They move so fast! It was fun, though, but would have liked a bit longer of a class. :)

  7. You were frustrated with the advanced yoga video--that would totally be me with the dance cardio video! I cannot dance. It's great how there is something for everyone on You Tube now!

    Great week!

    1. Oh, I was a little frustrated with the dance cardio as well, but tried to go with the flow. ;) The 3rd go round was much better than the first.

  8. I've been sleeping funny a lot recently, with lots of knots in my shoulders. I make sure I do some deep stretching yoga to hit all the major spots.