Sunday, February 4, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Feb 4

Linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap.

I got home from my road trip to MN around midnight between Friday and Saturday. Completely exhausted after being in the car around 18 hours or so. As I got undressed and ready for bed, I glanced in the mirror and did not like what I saw. So, I was really nervous stepping on the scale this morning (I generally weigh myself Sunday mornings), hoping that the number hadn't climbed too much in the past two weeks since I last weighed myself.

I'd lost 2.6 pounds. What?! Proof that the number on the scale isn't really all that important. It's more important to feel good and have those clothes fit properly.

Here's what I was up to last week.

Weekly Wrap


Fitness-wise, this past week was pretty light. I finished out the TRUE 30-day yoga challenge and started the Supermans, Squats, and Twists challenge. And that's about it. 😄

Weekly Wrap - January 29-February 4

I really enjoyed the TRUE 30-day yoga challenge. It wasn't really what I was expecting, but I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting. LOL The daily videos were mostly short. There may have been a couple over 30 minutes, but mostly they hovered around the 20 minute mark. The practices were very mindful and slow. This wasn't real heart-pumping move-through-the-poses yoga. Instead, there was emphasis on taking your time between poses to really focus on not only the pose but also the transition.

The only thing I didn't care for (and I think I'm the minority) was the final session was without audio cues. This wasn't a pleasurable experience for me. I got very stuck in my head and had trouble relaxing into the poses. Also, I felt I had to sacrifice form at times in order to look at the screen. It was disappointing because I'd enjoyed all the days leading up to this one.

If you are looking for a mindful 30-day yoga journey, I would definitely recommend TRUE.

Finished the TRUE 30-day yoga challenge and now onto the #supermansquattwist challenge. What else was @EnjoytheCourse up to last week? #weeklywrap

I spent the rest of the week chilling out with my family. It was good to finally meet my baby nephews (already 11 months old!) and their Mommas. It was bitter cold in MN, though, and I got sick, so most of my time was spent indoors.

We then spent 2 days in the car driving back to Las Vegas. Be sure to pop over to my Ultimate Coffee Date post to see some pictures from our drive.


I didn't do nearly as many videos last week. Not surprising, since I didn't really do much of anything last week. lol

TRUE - Day 27 - Be Free (19 min)TRUE - Day 28 - Be Fearless (19 min)TRUE - Day 29 - Be Brave (25 min)TRUE - Day 30 - Be You (31 min)

Five Parks Yoga
Happy Hips & Happy Heart (49 min)


In case you missed them, here are the posts I shared last week. Click on the image to read the post.

February Goals
Ultimate Coffee Date

How was your week?
Are you doing the Supermans, Squats, Twists challenge?

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  1. Looks like a great week!! I had a nice one compared to the last when I had the flu

  2. I love my yoga videos but when I have to continually look at the screen, it kind of messes me up! I get what she was thinking in that last class, but hello--it's not a live class! Great job on finishing the entire series. What's next for you?

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I'm kind of winging it this month - other than Rachel's Supermans, Squats & Twists challenge. :)

  3. MN is a big change from Vegas brrrr!
    I was going to do the challenge but I am already behind lol
    It is all about how the clothes fit! Mine are way too tight....sigh.

    1. Such a big change! There is a reason we left MN, but unfortunately the last two times we've been back were in the winter. :-(

      You could still join the challenge!

  4. I meant to start the new challenge and I am already behind! Have a great week

  5. I like the slower yoga so I can hold the poses and get the benefit. I do flowing yoga on occasion, but it does move a little too fast at time. I like the yoga where I can stretch out.

    1. I prefer slower yoga, too, but a faster flow is nice every now and again.

  6. Nice job! I haven't done a yoga video in a while but I'd be frustrated if I didn't have audio cues too! I'm glad you enjoyed some chill time with the family!

  7. I've done a few Five Parks Yoga videos (recommended by Wendy)and since I'm such a newbie, I have to always look at the screen to make sure I'm doing the poses correctly. I need all the instruction I can get! LOL. Good luck with the new challenge. Thanks for linking!

    1. Thanks, Holly! So far so good on the new #supermansquattwist challenge! I've been doing YouTube yoga for awhile now that I'm pretty good about not having to look at the screen as much - unless it's a pretty tricky pose - no audio cues was really tough on me (mostly mentally).

  8. I hope you're feeling better, too! We would never drive that far. We'd fly. Driving is so tiring!

  9. Driving will most definitely wipe you out!! But every now and then, I do love a good road trip see things you wouldn't see flying.

    I was able to catch up on Rachels burpee challenge and start the February one on time... hoping not to fall behind this time! Lol

    1. Yes, exactly! You miss so much in a plane. I skipped the January burpee challenge but am definitely enjoying the one in February.