Friday, March 23, 2018

Announcing my Plan to Make me a Better Runner

If you've stopped by at all this year, you probably know that my BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) for 2018 is to transition to forefoot running.

In order to accomplish any BHAG, it's important to have a plan. I know we're pretty much at the end of March {how did that happen?} already but I'm finally ready to share my 2018 Forefoot Running Transition Plan.

My Forefoot Running Transition Plan

2018 Forefoot Running Transition Plan

I started the year very slowly but will start increasing mileage over the next couple of months. It's important to me to also include specific drills and exercises for forefoot running, so I'm excited to start incorporating those as well.

January was mostly just getting my head wrapped about the idea of forefoot running. There was actually very little running happening. I did try to run in my living room a few minutes at a time a few days a week.

February started a tiny bit of running outside. I started with just 5 minutes then did 7.5 the next weekend and 10 the weekend after that. Those 3 outside runs gave me the confidence to make a March goal of 2 runs per week.

March's goal of 2 runs per week have mostly just been 1 mile runs. Forefoot running is definitely starting to feel much more natural.

April will bring both an increase in running as well as the introduction of some forefoot running drills. I haven't decided which drills yet or how frequently but they will done. 😊 I'm also going to start running 3x per week and work up to 3 mile runs. That might take all month, but it's what I'll be working on.

May will continue with running 3 times per week. Runs will be 1-3 miles in length. I also plan to include daily (?) exercises specific to strengthening for forefoot running. The forefoot running drills will also continue.

Forefoot Running Transition Plan

From May through the end of the year, I plan to continue with the forefoot running drills and exercises each month. I'm hoping that they will become more of a natural habit and less like a chore. I want them to become just something that I do, you know?

In addition, the rest of the year will include smartly increasing mileage.

June will stick with 3 runs a week (up to 3 miles/run) but will increase my weekend mileage to 5 miles. I also want to re-introduce myself to trail running. It will have been roughly 6 months since doing any trail running, so I'll be looking forward to that!

July runs will increase to 4 times per week. Weekday runs will likely be 1-3 miles while the weekend runs will stick around 5 miles. I'd like to go for a trail run every weekend in July as well.

August is my birthday month! To celebrate, I'll continue running 4x a week. I'll also be increasing my weekend mileage by 1 mile each weekend. By the end of August, I'll have done a 9-mile run. Maybe not every weekend, but I'd like to do a couple trail runs as well.

@EnjoytheCourse is transitioning to #forefootrunning in 2018. Check out her transition plan!

September will see the first double digit run! I'm hoping for 10 mile runs every weekend (road or trail). Still running 4x per week as well.

October will see a cut back in weekly runs with only 3 each week. I'd also like to incorporate some weekly speed work, in addition to the other drills and exercises that will have become a part of my life. Weekends will be spent with 10-mile runs out on the trails.

November wait for it... A HALF MARATHON! I'm not doing a specific training plan but after 2 solid months of 10-mile weekend runs, I think I'll be ready to tackle a trail half marathon.

December doesn't have any specific training, but I am hoping that I'll feel up to running the #RWRunStreak from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.

I think I have a good solid plan in place here and I'm looking forward to following it and seeing where it takes me. I'm not guaranteeing I'll be perfect in following this plan, but having it all laid out like this does give me confidence that it is achievable!

What do you think of my plan? Have you ever planned out an entire year of training (or anything else)?

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