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March, You Are Finished! April, Come She Will

We're a full quarter into 2018! March didn't actually seem to fly by - even though it was filled with a couple of weekends of visitors and some fun fitness challenges. I wouldn't say it dragged on, but I also wouldn't say that it flew by.

An unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates |

March didn't exactly go as planned. Lots of my goals went un-achieved, or under-achieved. I'm not going to let it get me down, at least not too far down. 😜 Instead, I'm going to reflect on my March goals and where/why I came up short and use that come up with some new goals for April.

Quick recap of March's goals

I did pretty well with my Forefoot Running / Fitness goals this month, but my Blogging goals were pretty much a big ole failure. While I published 10 new posts, I didn't accomplish any of my other March blogging goals. Ugh.

1  Transition to Forefoot Running

Run outside 2x per week ☑
I managed 9 runs throughout March! Most of them were just one mile, but the last few were 1.75 miles. Forefoot running is definitely starting to feel more natural. Yay!

Yoga 3x per week 😐
I had a couple weeks with only 2 yoga sessions and a couple with 3, so I'm giving myself a neutral face on this goal.

Rachel's No Excuses Total Body Challenge 
I'm giving myself a check mark on this one, but I wasn't exactly perfect with it. I did miss a few days here and there, but I always made them up. So, overall, I did accomplish the goal. 😉

Meal prep each week 😞
Looking back in my habit tracking app, I guess I wasn't as bad with this goal as I thought. I did some kind of meal prep 4x in March, so I guess I really only missed 1 week. It felt much worse, though, and I didn't like the way I ate a lot of the evenings, so I'm still giving myself a big ol' sad face on this one.

In addition...
I guess it wasn't an official goal, but I also did a crunches/leg raises challenge in March with a small group on FB. We started with 20 crunches and 10 leg raises. Each day we added 1 rep and ended the month with 50 and 40. I only missed 3 days throughout the month, so I'm pretty pleased with that!


2  Improve my Blog

Write 10 new posts 

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Revive 1 old post 😞
Honestly, I had a pretty hard time squeaking out my 10 new posts. This just kept taking a back seat until March was over.

Create Google Analytics Dashboard 😞
I just never found the time for this! Again... Maybe it's a sign...

Apply for campaigns weekly 😞
I only ended up devoting time to this 2 nights in March.

Since one of my goals is to improve my blog, some blog stats:

Keep in mind my blog is pretty small, but I'm hoping to see some real growth this year.

In March compared to the previous 31-day period, my:
  • Users decreased by -23.85% (447 vs 587)
  • Pageviews decreased by -17.67% (1,565 vs 1,901)
  • Sessions decreased by -21.96% (622 vs 797)

35% of my traffic is coming directly to my site and 33% find me on social media. I did see a small increase in organic search and referral traffic.

My most popular post of the month was How to: Sun & Moon Salutations. This post from 2013 often gets a lot of traffic. I tried poking around in GA to find out where they're coming from without much luck. They don't seem to be hanging around much but I still like that they're stopping by.

Not gonna lie. With the first quarter of 2018 behind us now, these numbers are making me a little sad. Making me question myself as a blogger. Am I good writer? Am I posting about the right kind of topics? What can/should I be doing differently? Am I wasting my time? And so on.

How did @EnjoytheCourse do with her March #goals? Read all about it and get a look at her new goals for April!

New Goals for April

1  Transition to Forefoot Running

I'm kind of excited {and nervous} about bumping my running from 2x to 3x a week this month. I'm hoping to have Tue/Thu and either Sat or Sun as my run days. I'll also be working up to 3 mile runs. Woot woot!

I'm finally going to start incorporating some forefoot running drills into my routine as well. I probably should have been doing drills since January, but well, I can't turn back time - only move forward. 😜  I'm still working on the type and frequency of the drills. I'm sure there will be a post about it later in the month. 😊

Even though I didn't succeed with yoga 3x a week last month, I'm going to give another try in April.

There are a couple of fitness challenge thrown in there as well. Rachel's is pretty self-explanatory. We're starting with 30 of each exercise and working up to 100 by the end of the month. If you stopped by on Sunday for my weekly wrap, then you might recall the Quick Hit Challenge this month is pretty intense.
April's Quick Hit Challenge
One round = Streak Cred
Two rounds = Bada$$
Three rounds = Ninja

Lastly, since meal prepping didn't go so well last month, I'm keeping it as a goal in April! I've got to eat better! I'm going to throw in a water goal with this, too - minimum of 72 oz a day.

April 2018 Goals |

2  Improve my Blog
  • Write 10 new posts
  • Complete Social Media Checklist for each new post
  • Spend at least 1 hour blogging 3-4 nights a week
  • Schedule social shares from my archives
January through March, I managed to write at least 10 posts each month. I think that qualifies as a HABIT now. :) BUT I'm still keeping it as a monthly goal. It will likely be a monthly goal for the rest of the year. #sorrynotsorry

With the drop in my stats in March, I really want to focus more on social media - starting with a checklist for each post. It includes pinning the post as well as scheduling shares to my FB page and Twitter (via Buffer and Hootsuite). Sometimes I run out of time after publishing to do this right away, so my plan is to make sure the checklist is completed before starting a new post.

Writing a post takes a long time for me - research, collecting my thoughts, creating images, etc - but blogging is more than that! It's the sharing and interacting with other bloggers. Staying caught up with email has been a real struggle lately! I'm hoping that 1 hour a night will help me stay focused and on track.

I've been blogging for years and I know I've got some decent posts in my archives that need some more love. I want to make it a priority this month to actually share some of my older content. Some posts are good as is; some may need a little sprucing up first. Either way, I'm excited to breathe some new life into some old goodies.

How was your March? Any goals for April? What are you most looking forward to this spring?

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