Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Apr 22

Linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to stop by their blogs to see what everyone else was up to last week.

Happy Earth Day! I hope the weather was nice for you and that you were able to get outside today. It was a gorgeous day here, so I made a point to take my Sallie girl for a walk. She's pretty tuckered out now, but I'm glad I made the time. I even raised a little money using Charity Miles for The Nature Conservatory, since it's Earth Day.

Weekly Wrap


My workouts were sub-par this week. As you will see, I took 2 complete rest days and did 0 runs. I try to run Tue/Thu/Sat (or Sun) but Tue got away from me. I was going to run on Wed instead but my ankle has been bothering me. It probably would have been fine on the run because the pain is mostly only when I step on my heel in certain ways. It's worse when walking in place. Anyway, I talked myself out of running this week and decided to give my ankle a little rest instead.

Weekly Wrap - April 16-22
April's Quick Hit Challenge
One round = Streak Cred
Two rounds = Bada$$
Three rounds = Ninja

Part of the rest included skipping my Quick Hit Challenge. I felt like all the jumping jacks were exacerbating my ankle pain. I had been hitting that challenge pretty hard and figured that may have been part of the problem - too much too soon, you know. I've researched some ankle strengthening exercises and will be focusing on them this coming week.

Some ankle pain called the shots for @EnjoytheCourse last week - demanding a few rest days. How were your workouts last week? #weeklywrap

Despite my ankle pain, I still tried to get some walk breaks in during the work day. I even did push-ups and squats while out walking. 😊 I did regular squats this week instead of jump squats or burpees, because.... ANKLE! Yep, my ankle pretty much called the shots this week. I sure hope this pain doesn't last long.

Last Week's Videos

I broke away from my usual yogis this week. Well, today, anyway.

Energizing Flow - 23 min - Five Parks Yoga
Yoga for Sciatica - 15 min - Fightmaster Yoga
Yoga Basics to Heal Ankle Injury - 29 min - 9th Limb ↠ This was the first video I've done from this channel. It was a change to have the yogi be male (not complaining!). I enjoyed the video, but it was a little hard to see due to the shade/sun during the filming. He did a lot of nerve tensioning which was new to me and pretty effective. Lots of balancing in this sequence which I think will be good. Doesn't good balance seem to solve so many problems?

Other Happenings

Last Monday was National Stress Awareness Day. I shared a few tips on handling stress on IG.

Last week was kind of stressful at work. I really should have employed a few of these tactics. LOL

The Tone It Up Bikini Series is coming up soon. I think the official release and sign-ups are coming out this coming week but it starts on May 7th.

I actually haven't been doing much with TIU lately. I only do the free workouts and don't pay for the nutrition plan, but I'm still strongly considering doing the Bikini Series again this year. There's a pretty strong TIU Vegas group here and it's fun to have some additional accountability with the group. Anyone else planning to do the Bikini Series this year?

ICYMI: Post from Last Week

Throwback to the 90s with Over 100 Songs - Miss the music of the 90s? I created a fun playlist with a great variety of 90s music.

Click on the image to read the post.

Kickass 90s Mixed Tape

What do you do when pain sidelines you? Have any good tips for handling stress? Did you do anything to celebrate Earth Day today?

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  1. I think you were smart to rest your ankle - I hope it gets better soon! I am not great at coping with stress - running, hot yoga, beer .... ? ;-)

    1. Those all sound like great ways to cope with stress. :) My ankle is finally starting to feel better, but I did have to take another week off.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle/heel pain! Is it your achilles tendon? I think you were wise to rest. Hopefully you'll be back at it quickly! Have a great week!

    1. Maybe? I'm not really sure. The pain was more when I would drop my heel down to the ground, so it might have been the Achilles.

  3. Sorry to hear about your heel issues...hopefully a little rest will help! Good luck!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle pain :( You were totally right to rest it and I hope that it starts to feel better soon.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I had to take another week, but it's finally starting to feel better. :)

  5. Sometimes rest is exactly what the body needs. Glad you listened to your ankle. Hope this week is better.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it's hard to listen but it's always better when I do. :)

  6. I took some additional rest this week since I tweaked my quad. I didn't want to skip another day this month, but I knew it was the smart choice.

    1. Hope your quad is feeling better! Always smart to step back and take a break - even though it's not always easy to do. :)

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your foot/ankle pain. I think avoiding any jumping moves is very wise. I hope after a few days rest, it will feel better. I'm pretty good at employing the items in your #1 for stress relief. Thanks for linking!

    1. That's awesome, Holly! Self-care is so important. I really need to do it more often. I've been trying to take walk breaks during the work day and the warm sunshine has worked wonders. :)

      Going from 0-240 jumping jacks probably wasn't the best idea. You think jumping jacks are easy but that's so much jumping/stress on your feet. Too much, too fast. It was fun in the beginning of the month, but I guess I paid the price. LOL It's finally starting to feel better now, though.