Monday, May 28, 2018

Weekly Wrap - May 27

Linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to stop by their blogs to see what everyone else was up to last week.

Another Sunday came and went. I may just need to permanently move my Weekly Wrap to Mondays. ๐Ÿค” Of course, then my Mondays have been a little crazy lately, too. Thank goodness today is a holiday!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Weekly Wrap

Today marks the start of Week 4 of the Tone It Up Bikini Series! I'm looking forward to pushing myself this week. Partially to make up for Week 3, which was kind of rough. There were a couple days that I simply wasn't feeling very good, so I had to skip my workouts two days in a row. ๐Ÿ˜’ I still kept to my meal plan {for the most part}, so it wasn't disastrous or anything.


I didn't sleep super great. I spent a little time working on last week's Weekly Wrap before doing my Tone It Up Booty Call. I want beautiful, sexy arms, so I don't mind arm day - even though my arms were currently experiencing DOMS from Week 2.

3 rounds of 15: Row+Press (10-lb kettlebell) | Alternating Front Raises (5-lb dumbbells) | Alternating Lateral Raises (5-lb dumbbells) | Biceps Curls+Side Curls (5-lb dumbbells) | Triceps Push-ups
Bikini Arm Tone - I've done this one a couple times now! I like that it incorporates some lower body as well.

M1: Spring Scramble + ¼ avocado spread on toast | M2: Snickerdoodle Mini Muffins | M3: Citrus Beet Salad | M5: White Bean Chili


I got sick in the middle of the night, so I wasn't feeling up to doing anything exercise-wise.


M1:  Spirulina Superfood Smoothie Bowl | M2: Brownie (not TIU-Approved), Snickerdoodle Mini Muffins | M3: Citrus Beet Salad | M4: Candy from the breakroom | M5: White Bean Chili

Weekly Wrap - May 21-27


Still not feeling 100%, so I slept in and took another rest day.


M1: Spring Scramble + ¼ avocado spread on toast | M2: Strawberries + almonds | M3: White Bean Chili | M4: Clif bar | M5: Lean Bowl


I decided that enough was enough and I was feeling good enough to start moving my body again. I'd hoped for a 3 mile run, but only ended up going 2.2 miles due to time.

2.2 mile run | 23:14 | 10:34 min/mi pace
3 rounds of: 15 jump squats | 30 seconds high knees | 15 mountain climbers | 15 down dog+spider woman | 15 bicycles

M1: Smoothie | M2: Starbucks Grande Latte, Strawberries, Almonds | M3: White Bean Chili | M4: Cold Brew, sunflower seeds | M5: Lean Bowl

Week 3 of the #TIUBikiniSeries was kind ofrough. @EnjoytheCourse had to take a couple extra rest days but is pumped for Week 4! @toneitup


I got so sweaty during this morning's workout!

3 rounds of 15: Squat Clean + Press | Single Leg Deadlifts + Row | Kettlebell Figure 8 | Push-ups (knees) | Bikini Walkouts + Tummy Toners

M1: Toast with almond butter, Banana, Strawberry soy yogurt | M2: Starbucks grande latte, Clif bar | M3: Salad | M4: Nuts, 2 clementines, Peach Mango soy yogurt  | M5: Casa Salad, 1 taco at Javelina Cantina

We got out of work early for the holiday weekend, so Jeff and I packed up Roxie (our Scion xB) and headed for a quick overnight trip to Lake Havasu. We left later than we wanted. By the time we arrived, there was only 1 pet friendly restaurant still open. It was a Mexican restaurant, Javelina Cantina. There was kind of a long wait, and the food wasn't bad but it wasn't stellar either. Our server was great, though!

And the view of the London Bridge was pretty cool.


We're still working out the kinks of car camping. We learned some things during this quick overnight trip. 1) We need to plan the timing better, so that Jeff and I are both tired and ready to sleep at the same time. 2) We need better screens to cover the windows to block the light. 3) We need to choose better pillows.

Needless to say, we didn't sleep great, so we didn't end up hanging out in Lake Havasu for very long.

It was fun to walk around for a least a little while, though. And see the London Bridge in the daytime.

It's about a 3 hour drive, and we were home by 1PM. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We definitely plan on going back again, though.

The rest of the day was spent on the couch watching TV.

Walked around Lake Havasu for an hour or so.

M1: Banana, Strawberries, La Columbe cold brew | M2: Clif bar | M3: Lean Bowl | M4: Nuts


I need to stop sleeping in on the weekends! But it just feels so good to let my body tell me when to wake up. :) My morning run wasn't too hot. Yay

5k run | 9:59 min/mi pace
10 Min Ab Workout

M1: Spring Scramble + ¼ avocado spread on toast  | M2: Snickerdoodle Mini Muffins | M3: EBTKS Salad | M4: Almonds | M5: Lean Bowl

ICYMI: Post from Last Week

Don't become a victim of the heat - Friday was #HeatAwarenessDay, so I shared a quick post on my two best tips to survive the summer heat.

Click on the image to read the posts.

Don't become a victim of the heat

Have you ever visited Lake Havasu? When you're not feeling well, do you skip your workout, your meal plan? Both, neither?

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  1. Lake Havasu looks lovely. I'm amazed by the number of pet friendly restaurants there are now. Back in the day, pets were allowed nowhere. Due to work, my hubs and I are on completely different sleep schedules. For that reason, we don't go on many impromptu trips. With enough planning and time...we do try to match up for scheduled vacations. Thanks for linking!

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  2. Usually I'm up early, but I've made sure to get extra sleep this weekend. Too bad I can't be this slow going on normal days.

  3. I took Mother's Day weekend and just slept in all workouts, no early wake up calls. It felt amazing. Sometimes you need to relax more and get more sleep!

  4. Ugh to getting sick! I will work out if I'm sick, depending on what it is. Stomach stuff--no. But colds, yes. Glad you're feeling better. I've never been to Lake Havasu but I'd like to! What is car camping?

  5. I've never been to Lake Havasu.

    I only lose my appetite if I'm really sick, like with a fever. And then I definitely don't workout!

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